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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

NEW RESIDENCY! VINYL FRIDAY last Friday of every month

The Rotating Plastic Inevitable presents


A monthly celebration of rare groove and good beer.

It’s official. Digital tyranny has failed to stifle the joy of music that warps if you leave it out in the sun, so Happy are staging a celebration. The Rotating Plastic Inevitable presents an occasion designed to flush out a whole bunch of great, good and sporadically lamentable music from bedrooms and basements all over Wellington and give it a public airing.

Each month we offer relief to the families and flatmates of two different DJs who get to bore a whole new audience with the high points of their record collections. It’s a chance to relive some youths, hear stuff you’ve never encountered before, or just get some shit off your chest in the company of people who are at least vaguely sympathetic. We’re not sure whether it’ll be pipe smoking and beard stroking or a bacchanalian riot of strip limbo, but it’s definitely up the alley of the musically bi-curious.

To strike the right tone, there will be a selection of excellent boutique beer likely to appeal to people suspicious of iPods. If your idea of music is something that’s even more analogue than the Book of Kels, then get along to Vinyl Friday and lap it up. You’ll be in excellent company.

WHERE    Happy, 118 Tory Street, Wellington

WHEN    5.30pm
    Friday 30 June and the last Friday of every month

WHO    Want to pencil a spot as DJ? Contact bookings.happy@gmail.com