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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

City Oh Sigh E.P. Preview

City Oh Sigh are releasing their E.P. at Happy on Thursday the 7th of April. You can have a sneak preview here.

Preview on undertheradar.co.nz

Vital Sounds Hi-Fi

Saturday April 9th 9 pm  $5

Giant Reggae and Dancehall sound system. Heavy Bass Pressure.

Halcyon Drift, The Dijretts, and Joe Blossom

Friday April 8th 8 pm $5
Halcyon Drift is a five piece, original rock band based in Wellington. 
The songs are pretty much straight ahead rock with some a little bit country, and some definitely a little bit rock 'n roll, some a little atmospheric and some a little bit funk. Overall a very guitar based sound with a growing mix of keyboards and turntable bought in by Ev from his Reggae and DJ roots. This is taking our sound to the next level.
They have been recording our first EP for the last few months, due for release in mid 2011. Keep an eye out for it and have a listen to them on MySpace

Music And Artist's Social Club

First Wednesday of every month.
Wednesday April 6th. 8.30 pm $5
This month's line up - Duxfield, Blackjack and April Fish. 

Musicians and artists get together to show what they've been working on, discus music and art, and drink a little booze.

Fuyukos Fables, Witchdoctor, Neighbourhood Cat

Wednesday 30th March
Doors from 8 pm first band on at 9 pm $5

New Vinyl Fridays Posters

 Record Collectors Share their wares on the last Friday of every month. 
5.30 - 8.30. Free Entry More info on this month's collectors

Habit & Veil with Alex Staines

Thursday 31st of March 8 pm $10 or $5 Concession
Habit & Veil play a strange and unsettling blend of dark-country, murder-blues, white-soul and lost-love laments. Band members Adam James Ring, Dan Green, Shane Wilcox and Mara Simpson. With Alex Staines, performance poet, whose old water lyrics are accompanied by music composed by Steve Wolf, performed by Steve Wolf and Guy MacGibbon.

Happy Party Time

Saturday 26/03 Doors 9pm. Koha entry.
Party Time with DJs: Nice Sass, Jarvis Gregory DJ Dj Name Generator, 

Vinyl Friday March

Last Friday of every month 5.30 - 8.30 Free Entry

This month Vinyl Friday reaches a level of excitement previously reserved for the likes of the Kilbirnie Bowling Club Mixed Seniors Open with the appearance of two of Wellington's foremost plastic crypotologists.

Mr David Collinge will be taking us on the whole journey starting with old blues records (or "sides" as old blues records are oft referred to by aging white men) and ending with some vulgar modern dance music.

Mr Tim Saul will taking the noon stage from Paekakariki (or "Pie Cock" as it's oft referred to by the same aging white men) to join him.

In further news, we're doing some tinkering behind the curtain to place your monthly VF heads-up in the hands of giant blogging robots, so expect some kind of automated communication in the near future that you'll be able to opt in and out of.

The Dead Ringers - Jeff Henderson, Gerard Crewdson, Anthony Donaldson and special Guest Steve Roche

Every Tuesday from 8pm

The Dead Ringers - Jeff Henderson, Gerard Crewdson, Anthony Donaldson and special Guest Steve Roche.

Founder and past manager of Happy Bar Jeff Henderson is back playing at Happy every Tuesday night in March.

Jeff is an integral part of the New Zealand improvised music scene. He is one of the true master saxophonists (and a dab hand at other instruments). Jeff has been responsible for fostering Wellington underground music and bringing many amazing musicians into the country. Jeff has played with Marilyn Crispell, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, William Parker and other giants over the years.

Delete Delete Delete and The Dickens

Wednesday 23rd March 8 pm Free Entry

Delete Delete Delete
- a recently formed Wellington based 3 piece noise pop band, playing strictly original music. They've played at The Mighty Mighty with Diana Rozz and Double Ya D, and at The Southern Cross. Their collective musical experience runs the full gamut from double Platinum record sales and tours to Australia and Singapore, to playing at the High School formal: life's rich pageant etc. They are currently recording our self produced debut album at The Surgery with Lee Prebble engineering.

The Dickens - have had their first birthday in December 2010. They are currently a five piece featuring a number of songwriters collaborating to play original music. The Dickens have played at Happy on two previous occasions as a part of the MASC setup and have also performed at San Francisco Bathouse and the Garden Club. The group features members of former Wellington festival favourites 'Verona', as well as former members of stalwart indie-rockers 'Moonlight Flit', 'Chopper' and 'Henderwood'.

see some footage of 'The Dickens' last gig at Happy

Rackets, No Aloha & Terror Of The Deep

Alternative/pop 9 pm $5

On Friday 25 March, Rackets hit up Wellington to play some cool songs/get out their MANGINAS with their buds No Aloha & Terror Of The Deep. Only $5 for three bands, that's only $1.6666666667 per band! Holy Guacamole! That's a bargain and a half ladies and gentlemen.

No Aloha Myspace

Wellington's NO ALOHA are on the verge of releasing a series of #1 Smash Hits, and have decided to stir up the North Island this April on an extra special tour. Joining them across these shows will be 42-date tour monsters RACKETS. People, prepare for the ‘proverbial’ to hit the fan harder, spread further and get more targets. Hopefully it will be chunky.

Originally from Christchurch the threesome started as a twosome in 2004 as Chris Young (guitar / vocals) and David Coffey (drums), until hooking up with Mike Ellis (bass/vocals), whose addition to the copulating resulted in the exuberant guitar pop dynamos INSURGENTS. Their debut album, All The Stupid Smiling Faces, got serious praise from as high up as The New Zealand Herald, but their relationship quickly became long distance with the inclusion of other projects BOYFRIEND (AK) and HYACINTH GIRL (UK).

But oh, how the river longs for the sea - last year the trio, unable to resist each other no longer, came back with new songs, new energy, and an appropriate new moniker: NO ALOHA.

Describing their music as: “Like meeting the girl of your dreams but realising halfway through she’s actually a he, but a real awesome he - so you just go with it.” These grungy transgressors have been recording banging new tunes with Tim ‘Diamond’ Shann in Wellington, which you can listen to here... http://noaloha.bandcamp.com/ or alternatively we have attached a zip file with the tracks, artwork and tour poster. 

Farmer Maori And The Maori Farmers

Farmer Maori And The Maori Farmers
Maori Reggae Music 9 pm $5

Jaime 'Farmer Maori' Reihana - vox, guitar, maori trumpet
Eddie 'Satchmo' O'Conner - saxamaphone
Al 'A-lister' Newton - gat/bass
Lawrence 'low-talker' Walker - Organ
Nat 'Schmall hands' Newton - Bongos
Aarona - Drums

City Oh Sigh E.P. Release 7th April

City Oh Sigh with Timothy Blackman   8 pm $5

City Oh Sigh Is a trio of classically - trained musicians that carefully crafts soulful songs, capturing audiences with their softness and beauty. The band combines unique instrumentation with subtle elements of folk and minimalist pop to emerge with a sound that is both difficult to categorize yet warmly familiar.

To celebrate the release of Like A Light, on Home Alone Music on the 4th of April, City Oh Sigh will be playing at Happy with support from Timothy Blackman.

Claire Terry Trio, Rosy Tin Teacaddy, Lawnmaster

Claire Terry Trio, Rosy Tin Tea Caddy, Lawnmaster  8 pm $10

The Claire Terry Trio are based in Wellington and play folky, acoustic, indie, alt country type music. 

Claire started playing solo many moons ago then stopped to have a wee sprog and make pretty jewels and opened up a pretty shop called Madame Fancy Pants. She started playing again in 2008, bought a fancy new taylor guitar to help her on her way to good music making. 
At the end of 2009 Claire and Dan Yeabsley (Twinset, Wellington International ukulele orchestra, The Eggs) started tinkering on songs together and soon after decided Paul Hoskin (Twinset, The Eggs, The Yardbirds) would be the perfect beat keeping fit for the trio.
And now? writing more songs, playing and recording!

Rosy Tin Tea caddy
Rosy Tin Teacaddy are Billy Earl and Betty Grey. Since 2007 the duo have been wooing discerning music lovers with their indie-folk sing-alongs.

Based in Wellington, the wry lyrical flavour of Rosy Tin Teacaddy is proving popular with live audiences. The group has shared the stage with Jose Gonzalez, Iron and Wine, Chris Knox, Jess Chambers, Teacups, Ragamuffin Children, Matt Langley, The Broken Heartbreakers, and Tim Guy.


Masterful pop music from Ken Double and his likely lads

Emily Fairlight, Achilles Botes & Other Guests

Emily Fairlight, Achilles Botes & Other Guests

8 pm  $10

Former host of the Folk 'n' Cunt show on the now extinct Munt FM, Emily Fairlight, plays for the first time since recording her debut album. Armed with her guitar (Ignatius) and voice, her dark folk sounds have been described as haunting and original. She's also invited a very special to join her for a song or two - John Halvorsen (formerly of The Gordons, Bailter Space and The Sceptics). Also performing on the night is opening act, Achilles Botes (of Ghostplane), performing his solo writings accompanied by his keyboard player from ghostplane.
Both these artists have been hermitted away in the realms of recording-land for some time so get along to see a night of new songs with a fresh energy.

Idiot Prayer, God Bows To Math, Kittenbank

Idiot Prayer, God Bows To Math, Kittenbank

Saturday 2nd April            Doors 9 pm $10 

Dunedin sonic rock three piece Idiot Prayer depart their beloved South Island haunt for the first time this coming April to showcase their debut five track EP. Thwarted by the elements playing outside of Dunedin in 2010, Idiot Prayer have been keen to display their wares further afield ever since.

The tour will be in support of Idiot Prayer’s debut five track EP, Falconer, available on CD and download from Muzai Records and on vinyl from Monkey Killer Records, available at the shows. The song 100 Ducks is the second single to be released from the EP.

“Imagine if HDU, Mountaineater, Headless Chickens and Dimmer all got together for a jam and you’re there.” – Vicki Anderson, The Press

“As abrasively toned as the bone cutting chill of mid-winter Dunedin, South Island trio Idiot Prayer fashion an elastically pictorial mixture of conventionally structured post rock and free form improv noise arrangements.” Martyn Pepperell, Rip It Up

Sunday Jazz with The Troubles

Every Sunday at Happy from 8.30 Free Entry

The Troubles are Lucien Johnson, Sax, John Rae, Drums, Daniel Yeabsley, Sax, Patrick Bleakley, Bass, plus guests.

They play John and Lucien's own compositions, Jazz standards, and Ipmrovisations.

Every fortnight the band is joined by a string section. This could be your lucky night.

Fear Is The Enemy featuring Karen Hunter

From Chile, UK and NZ; Fear is the Enemy bring ‘folk-core’ to Aotearoa.
Fear is the Enemy are four intrepid musical explorers who will be touring New Zealand this summer. From Chile, Germany and NZ, FITE have blended together sounds from the three continents, creating an original style they refer to as ‘folk-core’.

Philosopher Marcelo Lopez and his brother, nylon string guitarist Luis, formed progressive rock band Postuma in Santiago, Chile in 2007. After the release of their debut album Desapego, the brothers left Chile to explore the world on an O.E that began in New Zealand in April 2010. The Lopez brothers chose New Zealand, believing they would find a deep inner renovation of their cultural environment and a new source of creativity here. They also wanted to meet musicians to explore new collaborative sounds.

Starting their Kiwi experience as horticultural workers (picking kiwifruit) the brothers began writing songs in English. These songs channelled a wild energy, strengthened and expanded by all of the people it touched. The brothers’ prophecy began to acquire shape, when they meet musician Karen Hunter, at an open mic night jam on Ponsonby Rd in Auckland and then with the addition of a talented german violinist Nikita Sieber, the band was completed and is now touring the country playing a strikingly fresh blend of world music.

As active participants in what they believe is a groundswell of deep change occurring throughout western societies like New Zealand, the band understand the power of music and its potential to instigate change.

With beginnings in open mic nights and arts centres, subsequent invitations have them now bringing people, parties and gigs to life. Lyrics, music and passionate voices combine to energise their performances with a vibrant life force that is both contagious and a little bit frightening. To quote the band, ”We bring peace with a sword, bro”.

Using guitars, percussion and voices, Fear is the Enemy captures the essence of the Lopez brothers’ journey from South American heavy rock to acoustic folk-core. 

Sonorous Circle Double Night Extravaganza

Thursday March 10th i.ryoko, Siamese, Bleachboys, The Convoy
Friday March 11 Alphabethead, Glass Vaults, Seth Frightening, Golden Dawn

Doors from 8 pm $5 per night or $8 for both. 

Sonorous Circle is a growing collective of passionate individuals here to support what we know to be good; to aid and encourage the creation and dissemination of exciting and sincere music and art in whatever form it may come.

Jeff Henderson The Dead Ringers

Founder and past manager of Happy Bar Jeff Henderson is back playing at Happy every Tuesday night in March.

This week it's The Dead Ringers - Jeff Henderson, Gerard Crewdson, Anthony Donladson and special Guest Stev Roche.
The Dead Ringers

Jeff is an integral part of the New Zealand improvised music scene. He is one of the true master saxophonists (and a dab hand at other instruments). Jeff has been responsible for fostering Wellington underground music and bringing many amazing musicians into the country. Jeff has played with Marilyn Crispell, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, William Parker and other giants over the years.

Listen to Jeff play

Ocean Floor US Monday 7th March

Happy is proud to host American folk band The Ocean Floor who are visiting our fair shores this summer all the way from Portland, Oregon.

Featuring violin, clarinet, string bass, harmonica and four part vocal harmonies, The Ocean Floor is undoubtedly going to be one of those whimsical, emotively engaging live artists, or in other words, not to be missed.... read a review

They will be joined by Wet Wings, and City Oh Sigh in support.

$10 Doors open 8 pm 

First Happy week in March

Friday night's comedy show has sold out, but there's plenty of other ace gigs to check out at Happy this week. Plus a special Momnday night show from Ocean's Floor

Saturday 5th March
Brains, Seth Frightening, Mammal Airlines, Lontalius  $10, Doors 9.30             

Every Sunday:
SUNDAY JAZZ with 'The Troubles' featuring: John Rae, Daniel Yeabsley, Lucien Johnson, & guests. Sunday from 8:30pm. FREE ENTRY. This is the best live jazz you can see in Wellington. Until Sonny Rollins gets here that is.

Monday 07/03
the Ocean Floor, Wet Wings, City Oh Sigh  $10 Doors 8pm

Coming up:
Saturday 12/03  Folk Core from Fear is The Enemy  ”We bring peace with a sword, bro”.
Thursday 17/03                Emily Pee will be releasing her new album.
Friday 18/03                      Full Moon Fiasco
Friday 25/03                      No Aloha