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Idiot Prayer, God Bows To Math, Kittenbank

Idiot Prayer, God Bows To Math, Kittenbank

Saturday 2nd April            Doors 9 pm $10 

Dunedin sonic rock three piece Idiot Prayer depart their beloved South Island haunt for the first time this coming April to showcase their debut five track EP. Thwarted by the elements playing outside of Dunedin in 2010, Idiot Prayer have been keen to display their wares further afield ever since.

The tour will be in support of Idiot Prayer’s debut five track EP, Falconer, available on CD and download from Muzai Records and on vinyl from Monkey Killer Records, available at the shows. The song 100 Ducks is the second single to be released from the EP.

“Imagine if HDU, Mountaineater, Headless Chickens and Dimmer all got together for a jam and you’re there.” – Vicki Anderson, The Press

“As abrasively toned as the bone cutting chill of mid-winter Dunedin, South Island trio Idiot Prayer fashion an elastically pictorial mixture of conventionally structured post rock and free form improv noise arrangements.” Martyn Pepperell, Rip It Up