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Fear Is The Enemy featuring Karen Hunter

From Chile, UK and NZ; Fear is the Enemy bring ‘folk-core’ to Aotearoa.
Fear is the Enemy are four intrepid musical explorers who will be touring New Zealand this summer. From Chile, Germany and NZ, FITE have blended together sounds from the three continents, creating an original style they refer to as ‘folk-core’.

Philosopher Marcelo Lopez and his brother, nylon string guitarist Luis, formed progressive rock band Postuma in Santiago, Chile in 2007. After the release of their debut album Desapego, the brothers left Chile to explore the world on an O.E that began in New Zealand in April 2010. The Lopez brothers chose New Zealand, believing they would find a deep inner renovation of their cultural environment and a new source of creativity here. They also wanted to meet musicians to explore new collaborative sounds.

Starting their Kiwi experience as horticultural workers (picking kiwifruit) the brothers began writing songs in English. These songs channelled a wild energy, strengthened and expanded by all of the people it touched. The brothers’ prophecy began to acquire shape, when they meet musician Karen Hunter, at an open mic night jam on Ponsonby Rd in Auckland and then with the addition of a talented german violinist Nikita Sieber, the band was completed and is now touring the country playing a strikingly fresh blend of world music.

As active participants in what they believe is a groundswell of deep change occurring throughout western societies like New Zealand, the band understand the power of music and its potential to instigate change.

With beginnings in open mic nights and arts centres, subsequent invitations have them now bringing people, parties and gigs to life. Lyrics, music and passionate voices combine to energise their performances with a vibrant life force that is both contagious and a little bit frightening. To quote the band, ”We bring peace with a sword, bro”.

Using guitars, percussion and voices, Fear is the Enemy captures the essence of the Lopez brothers’ journey from South American heavy rock to acoustic folk-core.