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Rackets, No Aloha & Terror Of The Deep

Alternative/pop 9 pm $5

On Friday 25 March, Rackets hit up Wellington to play some cool songs/get out their MANGINAS with their buds No Aloha & Terror Of The Deep. Only $5 for three bands, that's only $1.6666666667 per band! Holy Guacamole! That's a bargain and a half ladies and gentlemen.

No Aloha Myspace

Wellington's NO ALOHA are on the verge of releasing a series of #1 Smash Hits, and have decided to stir up the North Island this April on an extra special tour. Joining them across these shows will be 42-date tour monsters RACKETS. People, prepare for the ‘proverbial’ to hit the fan harder, spread further and get more targets. Hopefully it will be chunky.

Originally from Christchurch the threesome started as a twosome in 2004 as Chris Young (guitar / vocals) and David Coffey (drums), until hooking up with Mike Ellis (bass/vocals), whose addition to the copulating resulted in the exuberant guitar pop dynamos INSURGENTS. Their debut album, All The Stupid Smiling Faces, got serious praise from as high up as The New Zealand Herald, but their relationship quickly became long distance with the inclusion of other projects BOYFRIEND (AK) and HYACINTH GIRL (UK).

But oh, how the river longs for the sea - last year the trio, unable to resist each other no longer, came back with new songs, new energy, and an appropriate new moniker: NO ALOHA.

Describing their music as: “Like meeting the girl of your dreams but realising halfway through she’s actually a he, but a real awesome he - so you just go with it.” These grungy transgressors have been recording banging new tunes with Tim ‘Diamond’ Shann in Wellington, which you can listen to here... http://noaloha.bandcamp.com/ or alternatively we have attached a zip file with the tracks, artwork and tour poster.