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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

An Old-Timey Harmony Thing - Presented by Pappy O'Daniel Flour'

Friday August 5th 8 pm $10 

Saran Goldie-Anderson (solo), Other, Coney Island Swamp Monster, Wellington City Shake-‘em-on-downers 

Hollaback! launch with Moana Ete, Porcelaintoy, Sisters of St Rupertsberg

Saturday August 13th 8 pm $10

We’ve got your back! 
Hollaback! is an international movement to end street harassment through web and mobile technology. We collect stories and experiences of street harassment from women and LGBTQ folks in a safe and shareable way so that we can break the silence around this form of gender-based violence and have each others backs. 
To kick off the launch of our website we are celebrating a gig featuring soul lady Moana Ete, electro folk act porcelaintoy and 8 piece all girl wonder band the Sisters of St Rupertsberg. Please join us to celebrate the launch of Hollaback! Wellington! enjoy the beats, and don’t forget to HOLLABACK! 

Wives, Project H, Space Cake

Thursday August 4th 8 pm Free Entry

Wives, formerly known as The Entwives, are a 4-piece psychedelic pop band based in Wellington. 

Project H:
A guitar-oriented solo project which sounds spacey and atmospheric, but also jangly and minimal. Vocals are mostly spoken-word, and a delay pedal acts as a centre-piece.

Space Cake:
Dark Casio synth-pop with pitch-shifting and ambient glitch beats.

Vital Sounds - Winter Warmer

Saturday August 6th 8 pm til Late $5

Yes REGGAE REVIVIAL is back for part 5! Presenting the best in Jamaican
music & soundsystem culture - Reggae music the way it's meant to be!

Hotter than hot ska, rocksteady, reggae and dub all inna old-school

Featuring - Manray, DJ Art, Undercover, Hawk I, and Israel Starr.

Our Vital Sounds revival sessions are loads of fun! This one is going to
warm ya body! Happy is a great venue for a party... so get along!

Make it a date! - get the word out people & support!


COUNTRY MUSIC'S WORST NIGHTMARE       5.30 - 8.30. Free Entry

Vinyl Friday is back on the 29th with a plan cooked up by GREG COBB and ROWAN MACARTHUR to doctor the water supply in Music City. An attempt to restore some level of respectability to country music and Tex-Mex will find shape and form on vinyl with:

Greg and Rowan will digging in for the Gettysburg of musical showdowns in an attempt to wrest control of Nashville back from Faith Hill's hair stylist. Real country music doesn't espouse family values or do reps at the gym. It drives its ride-on lawnmower 5 miles to the nearest bar because it's wife has hidden the booze and taken the car keys.

Pseudorobustus, Full Fucking Moon, Rain Sluts

Friday July 29th 10 pm

Pseudorobustus’ art-metal prog stew includes ambient piano and ostentatiously symphonic synths, guitar churn and breakneck riffage, drums alternately driving the song and swirling around it, and the vocals include both a haunting female presence and hoarsely ‘-core
male ones. The five-piece Auckland group include Liz Maw and Andrew McLeod, whose Darwin-inspired kraut-metal band Evil Ocean’s self-titled album was one of last year’s more rewarding full-lengths, Greta May Welson of Newtown and countless other bands, and Anna and Mike Benedikter. From Somme to Detrytus to Black Boned Angel, there’s plenty of local bands providing alchemical blends of metal riffs and noise drones at various points along the stoner/doom axis – Pseudorobustus are touring the country in late July, and I’m sure
they’ll be playing with some interesting acts.

Luckless, The Body Lyre, Great North, What Noisy Cats

Friday August 19th  9 pm $10

In months like August, only the most foolhardy or the most brave venture south instead of north.  Despite this, the pull of the mythical winds of Wellington bring two Auckland-based bands down to the welcoming warmth of Happy Bar, joined by friends old and new to entice audiences out of their homes.

Locals What Noisy Cats write country/folk influenced songs and then infuse them with a healthy dose of rock to make them, well, just a little bit noisy.  Fun and upbeat and definitely not to be missed, What Noisy Cats are fast making a name for themselves around the traps as writers of fantastic songs and purveyors of fun times.

Great North will appear as a two-piece - a rare incarnation of this usual five-piece act that enchants with the intimacy and directness of their beautifully crafted songs.  Hayden Donnell and Rachel Harrison will bringing both new material and songs already familiar from their debut album 'Newfoundland' in their first visit to the capital since their album release tour in 2010.

The brooding pathos of Luckless revisits Happy for the second time this winter, sending metaphorical electrical sparks from their guitar-and-drums two-piece line up.  The minimalism of the line-up belies the astonishing volume Luckless creates on stage, belting out indie-rock energy that subsides into melancholic reflection and then roars back with astonishing swiftness.

After enchanting with the gradual release of their new album Escape Songs, the ever-rotating cast of The Body Lyre will be a beautiful cap to this evening of fine music.  With their stark, lush, minimalist music, The Body Lyre shy away from trends, and with Escape Songs have crafted an album that truly stands apart from the many fad-following bands that flood the industry.

Tickets are available at www.undertheradar.com, or can be bought on the door on the night.  Bands will be playing from 9.30pm.  Happy will be a haven from the cold and the wind on a potentially otherwise colourless August night.

more luckless

Annabel Fay Show Me The Right Way Tour

Saturday August 27th 8 pm $25
Having released her second album ‘Show Me The Right Way’ in April this year, which debuted at # 8 on the RIANZ chart and features the hit singles ‘Show Me The Right Way’ and ‘River’. Both have spent numerous weeks in the singles charts and are frequenting the top airplay charts and ‘River’ has been certified GOLD. Check out the videos for ‘River’ here and ‘Show Me The Right Way’ here.
Annabel Fay’s unique pop-soul voice, a fresh sound on the NZ music scene and it is this distinctive sound that Annabel is going to take to the stage as she prepares to set out on a nationwide tour this August. ZM & Juice TV are proud to present the Show Me The Right Way Tour 2011.
Annabel will be joined by pop singer songwriter Josh Leys. This will be an opportunity to witness a powerful performance set alight by a mix of pop, soul and dance with R&B flavours and Annabel’s sultry voice.
TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM www.eventfinder.co.nz


Thursday July 28th 
8 pm $5

Some Artists Making Performance Laboratory Experiments

S.A.M.P.L.E is a collective of performance artists working in dance, movement, theatre, sound and visual arts, experimenting and testing out ideas and concepts in site specific productions. It is a monthly platform that offers us a space to trial works in progress, perform, play, sketch and collaborate.

This months installment features works by Alana Yee, Sascha Perfect, Samin Son, Drums Dead, Cat Duval, Danielle Lindsay, Chris Prosser, Jaime Cortes and Aidan Grealish. 

The Transistors, No Aloha

Thursday July 21st 9 pm $5

The Transistors are coming up from Christchurch to smash it at Happy.

The Lost Boys, The Boxcar Rattle, The Shocking and Stunning, Rupert and Grace

Saturday July 16th
8 pm $5

Ladies and gentlemen, Home Brew Productions in association with Red Hog Entertainment Presents...

The Lost Boys 

The Boxcar Rattle 

Rupert and Grace

No-Way Sweden AK, Grieve Pde Melb, Glass Vaults and i.ryoko

Saturday July 30th 9 pm $5

Wellington bands Glass Vaults and i.ryoko join up with Aucklanders No-way Sweden and Melbourne's Grieve Pde for a night of music saturated with reverb and delays and sliced into loops and grabs. Grieve Pde are post rock and loud, No-way Sweden is attempting some psychedelic ukulele action. 

http://glassvaults.bandcam p.com/

No-way Sweden 

The 500$Limit project was set up to release super limited releases of bands spread throughout the world 
which then creates a network of like minded musicians willing to help each other expand beyond their own 

New Zealand group, No-way Sweden was the first release on the project. The music captured on the EP 
“Denmark, Finland” ranged from fragmented pop to indietronica to post rock which seemed a fitting variety to 
start the project. The EP was a story of two halves. The main ideas were written by David St. who then sent 
the half finished songs to friends in Australia and Europe to complete before it was mixed and mastered by 
Casey Rice (Tortoise and other Thrill Jockey / Chicago bands).  

Recently, the songs have been based around the ukulele which is more about necessity than jumping on the 
bandwagon as it fits inside a suitcase for planned travels and tours around the world. Other things that also fit 
inside that suitcase are delay, reverb and phaser pedals which have recently earnt No-way Sweden the title of 
“Psychedelic Ukulele” in a live review.  

David St. usually has grand ideas before each gig (ie. quadraphonic sound / choirs / Scottish bagpipes / a 
giant claw shaped stage 360 degrees style) but as he leaves things till the last minute, he usually ends up 
having to play with a sampler and a ukulele and fill in time by telling a story or two. There is always some 
aspect of live electronics to the shows but it seems the closer the gigs are to home, the more electronic 
equipment there is on stage.   


28/07/2011 – Audio Foundation, Auckland with Grieve Pde and Toy Triptech 
30/07/2011 – Happy Bar, Wellington with Glass Vaults, Grieve Pde and i.ryoko 
01/08/2011 – Electric Sounds Club, Camden, London with Life of Birds, NOW and Mirna Ray 
07/08/2011 – Arkaoda Bar, Istanbul, Turkey 


Grieve Pde Bio

Grieve Pde don't really write songs. If you like experimental loop-rovisation, soundtracks, minimalism, delay pedals and men in trio's, Grieve Pde are probably for you. Described by father-in-laws as "sci-fidelity post-rock". Described by mother-in-laws as "loud sometimes". Mostly instrumental but found singing if required. They can often be found playing the same instrument at the same time, or playing completely different instruments at completely different times. They are currently recording under the 500$Limit label but we think the best way to really hear them is by standing in front of them as they play to a room full of strangers. Includes members of The Paper Boat, Save Our Sharks and Traditional Names.

Glass Vaults

Born in rural Manawatu this fine pair met at University in Wellington where they began musical experimentation using looping and effects to merge guitar, vocal hooks, synthesizers and drums into a beautiful space of washed textures, pop sensibilities and cutting drum rhythms.

i.ryoko is also a member of  100 Suns and the Seth Frightening band. Other past involvements include The Enright House and A Flight to Blackout, both of whom are still active.

Cool Gigs coming up this week

Saturday 09/07 Luckless, The Vietnam War, D Burmester, Big River Chain 9 pm
Sunday July 10/07 Jazz with the troubles 8.30
Wednesday 13/07 Project H, Space Cake, ROKCP 8 pm
Friday 15/07 The Blue Onesies, The Entwives, and Diving 9 pm
Saturday 16/07 The Lost Boys, Boxcar Rattle, Shadow Blasters, Rupert and Grace 9 pm

Acoustic music nights with The Grasshopper

Wednesday July 27th 8 pm $5

Chris Manning aka SimpleHarmonicMotion, singer/songwriter plays acoustic original music, from Nelson, Lives in wellington, spent the last 2 years living and playing regularly in Melbourne at places like the Espy. Influences include: Billy corgan, tom york, John butler, Ben Harper, Kurt cobain, Eddie Vedder, Trent reznor. http://www.myspace.com/simpillharmonicmotion

Richard Prowse is a double bass soloist who plays improvised jazz standards, world music and original pieces. He achieves a cello like sound with the bow and his unaccompanied pieces have quite a unique sound.

Tom Martin plays folk sounds with rock and roll influences, set to songs of yearning and tall tales. Love of telling stories and creating personal mythologies blends into acoustic balladeering. Shades of Dylan, Lou Reed, Neil Young and randomness. Jumps around a lot.

Mahesh works around Wellington with cover bands and originals. His solo performances see him on the guitar and harmonica singing his original brand of acoustic indie.

A protege of the renowned Iowa school of creative writing, Lee Posna is from New Jersey and lives on the Kapati coast. He loves literature and is almost always seen with his head in a book. His poetry is rich, dark and intelligent.  

The Blue Onesies, The Entwives, and Diving

Saturday 15th of July  9 pm
$5  or $10 with an EP or $12 with both EPs.

To listen to some of the blue onesies music:  www.theblueonesies.bandcamp.com
To listen to some of the entwives music:  www.myspace.com/theentwives

Len Todac, Shiny Sounding, Capsul, Wires

Friday July 22nd 8.30 $5

Project H, Space Cake, ROKCP

Wednesday July 13th 8 pm free entry

Project H:
A guitar-oriented solo project which sounds spacey and atmospheric, but also jangly and minimal. Vocals are mostly spoken-word, and a delay pedal acts as a centre-piece.

Space Cake:
Dark Casio synth-pop with pitch-shifting and ambient glitch beats.

ROKCP are a dynmaic 4 piece band who journey far and beyond the notion of genre and pretention, they are essentially 4 indiuviduals who possess their own intentions and sounds, nonetheless they sound as one. They have been described as "21st century sharmanic jazz"..

Nick Stone and Guests

Wednesday July 20th  8 pm $5

“New Zealand Singer/Songwriter Nick Stone has finished his debut EP titled One Wish, and now he's touring across the South Island to promote it, kicking things off in the Capital (not exactly the south island, but close enough). As Nick will be heading over to the states at the end of August, this will be your last chance to see him before he buggers off. So come down to The One Wish EP Release, Wednesday July 20th from 8 at Happy (corner Vivian and Tory), for a great night of Singer/Songwriters - featuring Nick Stone, Tanydd Jaquet and many more. $5 entry on the door.”