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No-Way Sweden AK, Grieve Pde Melb, Glass Vaults and i.ryoko

Saturday July 30th 9 pm $5

Wellington bands Glass Vaults and i.ryoko join up with Aucklanders No-way Sweden and Melbourne's Grieve Pde for a night of music saturated with reverb and delays and sliced into loops and grabs. Grieve Pde are post rock and loud, No-way Sweden is attempting some psychedelic ukulele action. 

http://glassvaults.bandcam p.com/

No-way Sweden 

The 500$Limit project was set up to release super limited releases of bands spread throughout the world 
which then creates a network of like minded musicians willing to help each other expand beyond their own 

New Zealand group, No-way Sweden was the first release on the project. The music captured on the EP 
“Denmark, Finland” ranged from fragmented pop to indietronica to post rock which seemed a fitting variety to 
start the project. The EP was a story of two halves. The main ideas were written by David St. who then sent 
the half finished songs to friends in Australia and Europe to complete before it was mixed and mastered by 
Casey Rice (Tortoise and other Thrill Jockey / Chicago bands).  

Recently, the songs have been based around the ukulele which is more about necessity than jumping on the 
bandwagon as it fits inside a suitcase for planned travels and tours around the world. Other things that also fit 
inside that suitcase are delay, reverb and phaser pedals which have recently earnt No-way Sweden the title of 
“Psychedelic Ukulele” in a live review.  

David St. usually has grand ideas before each gig (ie. quadraphonic sound / choirs / Scottish bagpipes / a 
giant claw shaped stage 360 degrees style) but as he leaves things till the last minute, he usually ends up 
having to play with a sampler and a ukulele and fill in time by telling a story or two. There is always some 
aspect of live electronics to the shows but it seems the closer the gigs are to home, the more electronic 
equipment there is on stage.   


28/07/2011 – Audio Foundation, Auckland with Grieve Pde and Toy Triptech 
30/07/2011 – Happy Bar, Wellington with Glass Vaults, Grieve Pde and i.ryoko 
01/08/2011 – Electric Sounds Club, Camden, London with Life of Birds, NOW and Mirna Ray 
07/08/2011 – Arkaoda Bar, Istanbul, Turkey 


Grieve Pde Bio

Grieve Pde don't really write songs. If you like experimental loop-rovisation, soundtracks, minimalism, delay pedals and men in trio's, Grieve Pde are probably for you. Described by father-in-laws as "sci-fidelity post-rock". Described by mother-in-laws as "loud sometimes". Mostly instrumental but found singing if required. They can often be found playing the same instrument at the same time, or playing completely different instruments at completely different times. They are currently recording under the 500$Limit label but we think the best way to really hear them is by standing in front of them as they play to a room full of strangers. Includes members of The Paper Boat, Save Our Sharks and Traditional Names.

Glass Vaults

Born in rural Manawatu this fine pair met at University in Wellington where they began musical experimentation using looping and effects to merge guitar, vocal hooks, synthesizers and drums into a beautiful space of washed textures, pop sensibilities and cutting drum rhythms.

i.ryoko is also a member of  100 Suns and the Seth Frightening band. Other past involvements include The Enright House and A Flight to Blackout, both of whom are still active.