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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

Fredstock - My, Oh, Sets (Whanganui)
, Octopus (Auckland), Our Love Will Destroy the World
, Late: Bad Spheres

Saturday October 8th 9.30 pm $10

visuals Rayzordoll, VJ Tempest, Naomi Lamb

My, Oh (Dunedin)
Awkward electro phat beat rappers

Sets (Whanganui)


Octopus (Auckland)
Liz Matthews (Hairdos, Evil) and Beth Duckling Monster (Futurians, Maltese Falcons) cast thrash incantations and alien carols through an exquisite confusion of synth and drum smoke.

Our Love Will Destroy the World

Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel, Black Boned Angel)

Late: Bad Spheres

Part Orchestra of Spheres, part Bad Statistics... an all out bad burst of cosmic energy featuring Thebis Mutante and C.Spencer Yeh on vocals.

Fredstock - ...

C Spencer Yeh, Eye (Dunedin)
, Tlaotlon, late: Chief Miao and VuVu Doon

Friday October 7th 9.30 pm $10

visuals The Ghastlies Ectoplasmic Projections

C Spencer Yeh  (USA)

Born in Taiwan, C. Spencer Yeh is now based in Brooklyn NY. His chief modes of expression are amplified violin and voice. He is recognized for his musical project Burning Star Core and collaborates with artists such as Tony Conrad, Thurston Moore, Carlos Giffoni, John Wiese, Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano, Smegma and Jandek. Yeh’s diverse sound practice encompasses blissed-out meditative droneworks, fire noise improvsations and Dadaist vocalisations.

"Yeh did not sing in a strict sense, but he vocalized with every part of his neck and head that could produce sound...it clearly was unsettling to much of the audience...."- George Grella - "The Big City"

Eye  (Dunedin)
Peter Stapleton, Peter Porteous, Nathan Thompson, Jon Chapman - longtime Dunedin psych-noise-improvisation group featuring members of The Terminals and Sandoz Lab Technicians

Jeremy Coubrough
(Signer, Orchestra of Spheres) solo electronics

late: Chief Miao and VuVu Doon 

Fredstock - Tapioca Dragon, Mischancerie, Mongo Skato, Candlesnuffer, Dead Ringers with Steve Roche

Thursday October 6th 9.30 pm  $10

visuals by Chris Connolley

Tapioca Dragon 
Guitar and drum improv from Mark Williams and Andy Wright


Power electronics/drone/noisepop.

Mongo Skato
Experimental house music

Candlesnuffer   (David Brown, Melbourne)

David Brown has been involved in the Melbourne experimental, art rock/punk rock scene since the mid-seventies. His projects include punk jazz band Bucketrider, improvising trio Peteras/Baxter/Brown, improv/sound art group Western Grey, psychedelic electronic duo Terminal Hz (with KK Null from Japan) and the electric free jazz group Embers.

Brown has developed a vocabulary that runs the gamut from rock bassist through experimental guitarist to sound artist. His solo project, Candlesnuffer, melds electro-acoustic methods with noise music, often utilising tiny acoustic sounds which are massively amplified. Currently Brown is undertaking a PhD research project investigating the use and benefits of electronic music and field recordings within a hospital Emergency Department.

Dead Ringers with Steve Roche
Jeff Henderson (alto saxophone), Gerard Crewdson (tuba/trombone) and Anthony Donaldson (drums) with multi-instrumentalist Steve Roche.
...cosmic golden rays of infinite dimensions the flight patterns of birds the elegant underwater journeys of dolphins wind blowing leaves on an autumn day filled withbluster a boiling jug and many quardle ardles crushing nuts and splitting atoms spitting ducks...

Music and Artists' Social Club October

Wednesday October 5th 8.30 pm $5

The first Wednesday of every Month at Happy Musicians and artists get together to show what they've been working on, discus music and art, and drink a little booze.

This Month

Andrew Savage, 
The Devil You Don't, 
Malcolm Menzies, 
I Am The Light, 
The Foxtons. 

Vinyl Friday - September

Friday September 30th 5.30 - 8.30 fre entry

After a noncing about in the countryside last month, Vinyl Friday is returning to the urban wasteland with a vengeance.

MICHELLE HARRIS will be working though what she alarmingly refers to as "Alcotunes - Music to Drink By". We're talking Velvets, Lou Reed, 70s Bowie and 80s semi-greats The Tourists (yes that IS Annie Lennox.) You could quibble about the drug of choice for that lot, but not the quality. For modernity's sake she'll be introducing me at least to Joe Worricker, the new soul wunderkind with the slightly androgynous voice.

MICHAEL KRUEGER has a frightening collection of 80s hardcore on vinyl, which is all right because it was kinda supposed to be frightening. And as everyone knows, the 80s were all about Straight Edge, DIY and crashing vans. Hair gel doesn't work on a shaved head. This is your chance to reacquaint yourself with Flipper and the Angry Samoans.

The footie's not on until 8.30 (I hope there are no Angry Samoans after that one) so join me in receiving a decent musical education this Friday:

33&a3rd The Rhythm Hawks, Terror of the Deep

Friday October 21st  8 pm $5

Join the Rhythm Hawks at HAPPY, with records.
Bring along a record for the swap-meet, enjoy listening to records, eat a piece of the record shaped cake and try to set the world record for good-times.
You could even get yourself a limited edition Rhythm Hawks CD record-ing.

Blue Moon, The pickups, The flying sorcerers

Thursday October 20th Doors at 8 pm $5

The Pickups

"...you have to cringe when you realize they shouldn’t have bothered...you get the feeling that if they’d spent half the time they have listening to music actually learning how to write songs and play in time they might have made it a little farther. Shame really." - Jim Bevington, Is This Music? fanzine, Linlithgow, Scotland, July 2010 

The Blue Moon
Christchurch band ‘The Blue Moon’ formed in mid 2010 with songwriter Anthony Pascoe (vocals, guitar) being joined by David Clark (bass, guitar) and Mike Summerfield (drums). Influenced by Roy Orbison, Neil Young and Radiohead amongst others – a ‘Dream Pop’, ‘Slowcore’, ‘Alt Country’ sound was created likened to Galaxy 500. After playing several shows in Christchurch they recorded their first EP ‘Slide Down’ in the summer of ’10-’11. Jared Kelly (The Pickups) has recently joined the band on bass.

Eric Copeland (US from Black Dice), Orchestra Of Spheres, Droszkhi

Thursday October 13th 8.30 pm $10
Altmusic is proud to present Eric Copeland as part of Altmusic's programme of exciting & innovative international musicians touring New Zealand in 2011.
Well known as a member of Providence noiseniks Black Dice and sonic travellers Terrestrial Tones (with Avey Tare from Animal Collective), Eric Copeland’s solo work has carved its own path in hypnogogic sonic navigation. Copeland collages his fuzzy pop nuggets from out-of-kilter thrift-store loops and electronic scratch ’n’ sniff - constructing a compelling sound-world that’s both catchy and exploratory.
“While both he and Black Dice employ dragnet sound collages and splattered sampling, Eric Copeland's solo material emphasizes destroyed rhythms and mechanical atmosphere. The end result is a vague and wholly fucked version of dance music.“ - Altered Zones
“Copeland is a pop idiot savant let loose in the mad scientific library of a Smile-era Brian Wilson.“ - Guardian
Currently based in New York, Black Dice have been key figures in the distinctly flavoured psychedelic audio/visual culture emanating from Providence Rhode Island since forming in 1997 - releasing their sounds via Astralwerks, Paw Tracks and DFA. With Black Dice Copeland has collaborated with Wolf Eyes and forms half of the duo Terrestrial Tones. Releasing solo works via Paw Tracks and Escho Records since 2003, Copeland’s acclaimed releases include the Hermaphodite, Alien In A Garbage Dump, Strange Days and Waco Taco Combo albums. He was recently selected by Animal Collective to perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in May 2011.

Stone Candy, A Crowley Murder

Wednesday September 28th 8 pm koha

Stone Candy are a three-piece instrumental rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. Through exploration into the depths of sound, they create a vivid sonic landscape with their enigmatic playing style. 

A Crowley Murder is a four piece ensemble forged in Nelson, New Zealand. Consisting of sexually personified guitar riff's coupled with sweet blues basslines and chocolate vocals, their hooks will leave you humming.

Volcana, Terror of the Deep, WIlliam John Hooker

Saturday September 24th 9 pm $5

Volcana are a 2-piece garage rock band from Wellington.
Formed about 5 years ago. Influences include: The Gun Club, The
Ramones, The Cramps, Darcy Clay, Ween, heavy 60's psychedelic rock,
garage rock.

Solo Ono are also a 2-piece band from Wellington. They have been described as
'dynamic guitar pop'. Influences include:
Jesus and Mary Chain, lykke Li, Piece war, Coasting.

WIlliam John Hooker plays the Bad Blues are a three piece from

Tommy and The Fallen Horses, Jesse Sheehan, Finn Castree

Friday September 23rd 8.30 $10

Tommy and The Fallen Horses is an Alt-Country, Indie-Pop and Folk-Rock flavored band featuring singer-songwriter Tommy Benefield.

Benefield rose to infamy around the New Zealand music scene with his group TOMMY headlining many festivals, getting several singles on high rotate on the indie and b-net radio stations and with their two albums released through LOOP Records making it onto the indie charts. Their album 4000 YEARS features on the sound track to Shortland St on a weekly basis.

TOMMY became festival darlings with their high energy performances, beautiful melodies, evocative lyrics and hilarious banter.

When TOMMY disbanded the remaining replacement members released their new album under the name Tommy and The Fallen Horses which had a new aesthetic and a 70’s country-rock sound. 

Their Debut album ‘Isolation Is The New Party’ has received rave reviews, had several songs receive major airplay on radio and T.V, and featured on the New Zealand indie charts. Songs from this album have featured on Shortland St, Home And Away, and Outrageous Fortune.

Tommy tours relentlessly both with the full band and as a duet with his ridiculously articulate 19-year-old side kick, the bands lead guitarist, Finn Johansson. 

PARIHAKA is being released in September and features the contentious and highly relevant single PARIHAKA, made popular at the Parihaka Peace Festival.

facebook event
Jesse Sheehan
Finn Castree

James and the Players, Neighbourhood Cat

Wednesday September 14th  8 pm $5

Come along to Happy Bar on Wednesday 14th September for a taste of Soft Rock and catchy tunes with James and the Players. Formed earlier this year by singer/songwriter James Player, James and the Players offers listeners a collection of songs that tug on the heart strings, salvage old memories and feed the soul. Combined with the folk rock sounds of Neighbourhood Cat, this gig will be your perfect midweek escape.

Rutger and Wendy, Ladyparts

Thursday September 22nd 9 pm free entry




Oskar Herbig, Dylan Storey, Brendan Turner, Callum Gentleman

Thursday September 8th 8 pm $10

The Gig before The Storm

Oskar Herbig
Dylan Storey
Brendan Turner
Callum Gentleman

The calm before the storm....?
On Friday 9th September the world (yes the whole world) starts throwing oval balls about.
So get into Happy on Thursday 8th Sept & get into some music before that carry-on kicks off. 

OSKAR HERBIG will be laying down some sexy Americana sounds.
DYLAN STOREY will let your ears know why half the bands north of the Rimutaka Hills want him to hang out & play with them at their gigs.
Plus BRENDAN TURNER & CALLUM GENTLEMAN will be playing The Capital for the 1st time as solo cats.

The Dickens vs Coney Island Swamp Monster

Thursday September 15th 8 pm $5

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

In the red corner weighing in at one Rod Stewart haircut, a pair of spectacles, a glazed smile, and an angels voice, Wellington's finest & freshest fucked up folk act: CONEY ISLAND SWAMP MONSTER! Fast becoming my favourite band, watch as they attack with the one two kick drum combo. Be caught off guard as Rupert summons the dead through his guitar and Meghan lays them to rest with her devasting harmonies and soothes them back to the grave with the effortless beauty of her violin melodies. Stand in awe as Finbarr confounds us all with his multi instrumental magic...like Smeagol and Gollum, banjo and accordian. And then the knock out punch as Liam croons through his absolutely disarming and moving set of songs dredged from the swamp of his soul. Teetering on the edge. Fragile and furious in the same breathe. In love and broken hearted. I am down forthe count...

…And Justice For All - Meat, Blackjack, Original Flame, Manikk Jamm, Girl Lillian

Wednesday September 7th 9 pm $5

For This month's music and artists' social club Happy is playing host to a Mini Festival, with 5 bands prepared to make the night one to remember...


Friday September 9th $5 Doors from 8 pm bands start at 10 pm.

"It had to happen - and now, at last: Two of the citie's most exciting new bands are going to tear it to pieces, side by side at HAPPY on September 9th! 
BIKINI ROULETTE: the new rock/r&b, gutter-funk sensation - and the psychedelic rock country blues folk Explosion that is ROBERT!"