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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

Fredstock - Tapioca Dragon, Mischancerie, Mongo Skato, Candlesnuffer, Dead Ringers with Steve Roche

Thursday October 6th 9.30 pm  $10

visuals by Chris Connolley

Tapioca Dragon 
Guitar and drum improv from Mark Williams and Andy Wright


Power electronics/drone/noisepop.

Mongo Skato
Experimental house music

Candlesnuffer   (David Brown, Melbourne)

David Brown has been involved in the Melbourne experimental, art rock/punk rock scene since the mid-seventies. His projects include punk jazz band Bucketrider, improvising trio Peteras/Baxter/Brown, improv/sound art group Western Grey, psychedelic electronic duo Terminal Hz (with KK Null from Japan) and the electric free jazz group Embers.

Brown has developed a vocabulary that runs the gamut from rock bassist through experimental guitarist to sound artist. His solo project, Candlesnuffer, melds electro-acoustic methods with noise music, often utilising tiny acoustic sounds which are massively amplified. Currently Brown is undertaking a PhD research project investigating the use and benefits of electronic music and field recordings within a hospital Emergency Department.

Dead Ringers with Steve Roche
Jeff Henderson (alto saxophone), Gerard Crewdson (tuba/trombone) and Anthony Donaldson (drums) with multi-instrumentalist Steve Roche.
...cosmic golden rays of infinite dimensions the flight patterns of birds the elegant underwater journeys of dolphins wind blowing leaves on an autumn day filled withbluster a boiling jug and many quardle ardles crushing nuts and splitting atoms spitting ducks...