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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

The Dickens vs Coney Island Swamp Monster

Thursday September 15th 8 pm $5

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

In the red corner weighing in at one Rod Stewart haircut, a pair of spectacles, a glazed smile, and an angels voice, Wellington's finest & freshest fucked up folk act: CONEY ISLAND SWAMP MONSTER! Fast becoming my favourite band, watch as they attack with the one two kick drum combo. Be caught off guard as Rupert summons the dead through his guitar and Meghan lays them to rest with her devasting harmonies and soothes them back to the grave with the effortless beauty of her violin melodies. Stand in awe as Finbarr confounds us all with his multi instrumental magic...like Smeagol and Gollum, banjo and accordian. And then the knock out punch as Liam croons through his absolutely disarming and moving set of songs dredged from the swamp of his soul. Teetering on the edge. Fragile and furious in the same breathe. In love and broken hearted. I am down forthe count...