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Vinyl Friday - September

Friday September 30th 5.30 - 8.30 fre entry

After a noncing about in the countryside last month, Vinyl Friday is returning to the urban wasteland with a vengeance.

MICHELLE HARRIS will be working though what she alarmingly refers to as "Alcotunes - Music to Drink By". We're talking Velvets, Lou Reed, 70s Bowie and 80s semi-greats The Tourists (yes that IS Annie Lennox.) You could quibble about the drug of choice for that lot, but not the quality. For modernity's sake she'll be introducing me at least to Joe Worricker, the new soul wunderkind with the slightly androgynous voice.

MICHAEL KRUEGER has a frightening collection of 80s hardcore on vinyl, which is all right because it was kinda supposed to be frightening. And as everyone knows, the 80s were all about Straight Edge, DIY and crashing vans. Hair gel doesn't work on a shaved head. This is your chance to reacquaint yourself with Flipper and the Angry Samoans.

The footie's not on until 8.30 (I hope there are no Angry Samoans after that one) so join me in receiving a decent musical education this Friday: