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Vinyl Friday - August

Friday 26 August 5.30pm free entry

Vinyl Friday is back this... er... Friday, with a theme of Punk Old & New.

OK, that's just a semantic trick to link the disparate themes of this month's five-star selectors, but if anyone can construct a more plausible Venn diagram between protopunk and English folk music I'd be grateful. Playing for your amusement and education this month are:

Keith intends to take us back to the roots of punk with a selection that involves not just the famously unfamous (New York Dolls, Stooges, Television) but the genuinely obscure (Doctors of Madness, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Radio Birdman). Lovers of conceptually robust primitivism (i.e. me) will be in seventh heaven.

Patrick will be unearthing crucial tunelets from the vaults of the English folk/rock scene of the 60s and 70s, with occasional forays to the colonies for a bit of perspective. It's a reminder that there was a time when holding a finger in your ear and trying to sing like a hobbit was quite a rock and roll thing to do. Led Zeppelin thought so anyway.