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Vinyl Friday October 5 X 45 12 DJs

Friday October 28th. 5.30 pm Free Entry

That's right. 12 DJs will each play 5 of their favourite 45s on this cool little record player*

Everyone knows full well that 7 inch 45rpm singles rule. Marathon guitar solos, trance workouts and prog epics won't cut it on a record that needs a cup of tea and a lie down after 4 minutes. This month, Vinyl Friday salutes the 45 in the ONLY appropriate manner. Twelve different DJs get a shot at playing their FIVE best 7 inch singles. It's a WWF-style Smackdown frenzy of 3 minute pop, rock and soul junk. Expect anything.

Where should you be? ......

* May not actually be this record player.