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Freddy Fudd Pucker, Danny Cisco, Big River Chain

Friday July 1st 8 pm $8

Freddy Fudd Pucker began in 2006 as an eclectic solo act (Tom Young) in the punk rock 
scene of North Dunedin and has gained momentum and fans worldwide on a truly 
organic, honest level; driven by an astonishing work ethic and equipped with song writing 
that successfully avoids egotistical self-indulgence some solo acts embrace. 

He was joined in 2009 by Texan accordionist/vocalist “The Whippy-Dip” while on tour 
in the USA.  Since then the pair have spent large amounts of the last year and a half 
performing countless shows across the entire United States, from Los Angeles, California 
to Deadwood, South Dakota. Brooklyn, New York to Portland, Oregon. Cigar bars, house 
shows and tacos… Living in a stinking hot van for months on end with nothing but album 
sales to buy cheap, malt liquor to get you drunk. 

Following 2010’s “One for the Wonderwheel”, they have just released the fourth full-length 
album entitled “The Priest, the Fly & the Flea”.  A collection of 13 dark folk songs sprinkled 
with cynical humor and intricate melodies.  A pounding kick drum, guitar and accordion 
accompany the brooding, male/female vocal dynamic.  

In February the duo played at the “Camp A Low Hum” festival in New Zealand before 
returning to Melbourne, Australia where they continue to write and perform tirelessly.   

May sees them embark on a two-week tour of New Zealand, hitting all their favorite spots 
before returning to the USA to tour, starting in Austin, TX.