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Vinyl Friday for June

Friday June 24th 5.30 free entry

THE 80s ARE BACK! (... and they promise not to do it again.)

We've groaned our way through one dodgy revival after another, but finally Vinyl Friday is setting the cultural world to rights. We're putting the 1980s into rehab. We're confiscating its shoulder pads, trimming its poodle hair and wiping the coke residue off its nose. While everyone else in the 80s was watching Bonnie Tyler run down hallways in slo-mo or attempting to program their Yamaha DX-7, some brave souls were listening to actual music. That music has been one-upped by A-Ha for far too long, and this Friday it gets its revenge (customarily pronounced "re-weng-gay" by 80s obsessives.) So who's playing?

THE WHORES OF WAX:  Richard Langston and Yours Truly will man a deck each in order to dilute each other's taste and allow more time for beers. Both of us have considerable 80s form involving Flying Nun and SST, although we're not quite sure how this will manifest on the night. Remember, they were still making country music back then.

SIMON SWEETMAN:  Simon sparked this whole 80s revisionist thing off, being lately obsessed with the decade and all its egregious sins. He'll be dipping into a well-spring of arcana both weird and wonderful, certainly enough to make you look at your old copy of "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" and wonder why the hell you didn't buy Mission of Burma instead.

Festivities commence at 5.30pm and it'll all be solid gold. Be prompt like your mother told you.