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Live Music every night Tuesday through Sunday. Local, National, and International. Comfy sofas, atmospheric lighting and delicious drinks. In the basement, 118 Tory St

Other, Roses & Orchids + Ben

 OTHER w Roses & Orchids + Ben
Wednesday November 23rd 9pm gold coin

Melodious melodies, harmonious harmonies, rhythmical rhythms from three beautifully skillful Wellington bands.
Other is a small group of people who focus on melody and harmony in their short songs. It is easy to get lost in their refined, different and very interesting sound.
Roses and Orchids  consists of two singing ladies whose melodies are a little folky, a little spooky. Their voices are supported by the sound of guitars, banjo, violin and tambourine. Their songs have a distinct focus on exploring melodic motifs and interchanging harmonies.
BEN is simply awesome.