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Dianna Rozz Numbskull Album Release with Milkshake Cowboys AK

Saturday May 21st  
Doors 8 pm Bands on from 10 pm   $5
Dianna Rozz, Milkshake Cowboys, DJ’s Heavy Flow and Maxi Pad
Available from April 25th 2011 through MUZAI Records/Rhythmethod
What the hell is Diana Rozz? It takes a few good sideways glances and a pretty messed up imagination to even come close to figuring it out. And even then, your best guess won’t even dream of the kind of hideously beautiful monster these warped minds will soon mutate into.
“NUMBSKULL” is the first creation the triplets (Gemma Syme, Emily Jolliffe, Hannah Simon) release “into the wild” – a 5 track EP coupled with many grand ambitions.
Its warbling trebles and growling bass sounds are fused together to alarm all the human senses whilst it’s metallic clangs seem the antithesis of their previous musical “Holiday”…
Through the work of Jeremy Coubrough (Orchestra of Spheres, Marineville) and James Goldsmith (Grayson Gilmour, Tommy Ill) Diana Rozz have translated their raucous, “experimentalpopgaze” from their exhaustive live shows into recorded form, resulting in a final product which is irreversibly scum-polished.
‘Musical references’, if you can call them that, thickly drip from whatever tongue is in whoever’s cheek. Soaring interest in the band from all corners is to be blamed on morbid curiosity. And well-justified morbid curiosity, at that.
Numbkull demonstrates the three piece not comfortable with relying on previous glories; opening for Deerhoof and Die! Die! Die! hasn’t seem them rest on their laurels. Nor were they content on simply undertaking an adventurous tour of the South Island. The EP seeks to propel them further than ever in some kind of nightmare of perpetual motion.
It has been a long time coming… but you can’t hurry love, as an unidentifiable source once assumed.

Lo-fi punk music that's filtered through a shitload of weird sounds. kinda like if melt-banana was slowed down a shitload and made to sound relatively coherent.