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Vinyl Friday May

The Last Friday of every month 5.30 to 8.30 Free Entry
This Month Followed by Twinset and Lisa Tomlins 9 pm $5

If you've been missing the crack of needle on plastic and the annoying high-frequency roll-off of a mildly dirty stylus, worry no more because it's nearly Vinyl Friday.
Playing this month we have:

MICHELLE HARRIS lives and works in Wellington, previously Christchurch, and has been DJing since 2000. Not just a hoarder of obscure polyvinyl acetate, Michelle's had a residency at C1 Espresso CafĂ©, joined the Curious Noise crew playing electro house once a month at Foam Bar and played regularly on Wednesday evenings at Concrete Club. She plays and collects a huge variety of stuff and in the best tradition she likes to mix it up.  If you want to know how to get from Pink Floyd to hard house in one leap, this might be your night.

ANDRE BOOTH is a temporary refugee, fleeing Christchurch for the weekend having blown a swag of Airpoints just to come up and amuse us. Andre has a radio show on Volcano Radio called Waxed on Wednesday in which he plays New Zealand vinyl exclusively, a fact that impresses us suitably. (I certainly intend to palm a Lawnmaster single off on him.) He even has his own blog and MySpace page on which you can probe his inner workings:

Something tells me things could get trippy, so take your lithium and get down here this Friday. And if you've got some stamina in you, hang around later for Twinset and the lovely Lisa Tomlins.