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TRAVELLING STORY TELLERS Nikita, the Spooky, a Circus of Men, Claire Terry Trio

Thursday May 26th 8 pm $5

"Travelling Storytellers" is back ladies and gentlefolk!

Chapter 3: Takes place at Happy Bar in the midst of the Autumn Season, when the leaves are red and ready to drift from the naked arms of the deciduous Wellington woodlands.

We are re-introduced to our characters Nikita, the Spooky yet she is joined by a Circus of Men for the second time; stringing songs and sentiment in a seamless fashion.

Chapter 3 brings along Madame Fancy herself; Miss Claire Terry with her Trio of troubles, retelling epic tales in tongues of folk and country blues.

Ladies and Gents, this is but a blurb! Come see, hear and taste this spectacular showcase of narratives through song with your own attendance! Come draw your own conclusions!